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1900 - 1960
Written by AL-NL Peace Agreement   
Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00




At a prior date the National League and American Association of Professional Base Ball Clubs having appointed a committee, and the American League of Professional Base Ball Clubs having appointed a committee, the object and purpose being for said committees to meet, discuss and agree upon a policy to end any and all differences now existing between the said two leagues; and said committee of the National League, consisting of Harry C. Pulliam, August Herrmann, James A. Hart and Frank De Haas Robison, and said committee of said American League, consisting of B.B. Johnson, Charles A. Comiskey, Charles A. Somers and H.J. Killilea, and said committees, having met at the St. Nicholas Hotel, in the city of Cincinnati, on January 9th, 1903, and continued in session until this 10th day of January, 1903, and after fairly and fully discussing all complaints and matters of grievances and abuses growing out of the present base ball conditions, and having in mind the future welfare and preservation of the national game, have now unanimously agreed as follows:

1.  Each and every contract hereafter entered into by the clubs of either League with players, managers or umpires shall be considered as valid and binding.

2.  A reserve rule shall be recognized, by which each and every club may reserve players under contract, and that a uniform contract for the use of each League shall be adopted.

3.  After a full consideration of all contract claims by each and every club, it is agreed that the list hereto attached as exhibits "A" and "B" is the correct list of the players legally awarded to each club.  Exhibit "A" being the list of American League players and Exhibit "B" being the list of National League players.

4.  It is agreed that any and all sums of money received by any player from any club other than the club to which he is awarded by the exhibit hereto attached shall be returned forthwith to the club advancing said sums, and until all said sums of money so advanced are returned, said player shall not be permitted to play with any club in either League.

5.  The circuits of each League shall consist of the following cities:  American League--Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis.  National League--Boston, New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati.  Neither circuit shall be changed without the consent of the majority of the clubs of each League.  It is further provided that there shall be no consolidation in any city where two clubs exist; nor shall any club transfer or release its players for the purpose of injuring or weakening the League of which it is a member,

6.  On or before the first day of February of each year the president of each League shall appoint a Schedule Committee of three each, who shall be authorized to prepare a schedule of games to be played during the championship season by each in each League.  This schedule shall be submitted by the committee within three weeks after their appointment to each League for their ratification and adoption.  This committee shall be authorized, if they deem the same advisable, to provide for a series of championship games between all of the clubs of both Leagues.

7.  On or before the first day of February of each year the president of each league shall appoint a Committee on Rules, of three each, who shall be authorized to prepare uniform playing rules.  These shall be submitted by the committee within three weeks after their appointment, to each League, for their ratification and adoption.

8.  It is further agreed that said two Leagues hereinbefore mentioned shall enter into a national agreement embodying the conditions and agreement hereinbefore set forth; and it is further agreed that Presidents B.B. Johnson and Harry C. Pulliam be, and they are hereby, appointed each a committee of one from each League for the purpose of making, preparing and formulating such national agreement, and it is further agreed that they invite President P.T. Powers, of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Leagues, to confer and advise with them in the formulating of such national agreement.

9.  It is hereby agreed that each member hereby bind himself and his respective League by signing this agreement this 10th day of January, 1903.










Source:  1903 Reach Guide, pp. 124-26.


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