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Jose Canseco Will Talk to you on the Phone for $50 a Minute PDF Print E-mail
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Sponsorships, Promotions
Written by Maury Brown   
Thursday, 31 March 2011 14:53
Jose Canseco
"Hi there. This is Jose Canseco. Please leave $50
at the beep."

Give to Jose Canceco. He’s had his 15 minutes, was an opportunist that actually spoke more of the truth than people thought about PED use in baseball, and has had controversy follow him along the way.

Case in point, his recent boxing debacle in which Jose sent his twin brother Ozzie to fill in for him in a celebrity boxing match. Problem was, Ozzie wasn’t saying he was Ozzie but rather tried to pull it off that he was Jose.


But, this is Jose Canceco, so of course it wasn’t his fault. His answer? Promoter Damon Feldman knew of the bait and switch the whole time, and challenged Feldman to a lie detector test.

"There was absolutely no point and time that Feldmen wasn't aware that Ozzie was coming in to fight for me" said Jose.  "I have fought for Feldmen four times before and he knows exactly what I look like and who I am."

But, not content to speak through a PR firm or Twitter, where (gasp) people would get his side of the story for free, now Jose is letting you – yes, you the fan and media – talk directly on the phone.... for $50 a minute.

That’s right, Jose Canseco is charging media and fans alike to talk to him on the phone. You want 15 min? Great, shell out $750.

Canseco has partnered with MyFanLine.com, the service that racks up the ducets through direct calls to Jose.

“Stand up for the truth even though you have to fight an army,” said Jose on Twitter. He forgot to add, “As long as I’m making $50 a minute at it.”

The bigger question is... Will it be Jose or Ozzie that answers the phone?

The Labor Battle in the NFL. See BizOfFootball.com for details

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