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On FanGraphs: Playing the God of Baseball PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 07:36

Mark Cuban probably doesn't have a chance at owning an MLB club while Bud Selig
is commissioner, but that would change if I were in charge.

With the 2010 Major League Baseball postseason about to arrive, I take a look today at some things that I’d change if I were given supreme powers over the game (see Playing the God of Baseball on FanGraphs) . Here’s a sampling:

Giving Mark Cuban a Chance

I’ve written repeatedly that Mark Cuban will never be allowed to be part of the ownership brethren during the Selig tenure and likely with his predecessor. Since Bud and the owners don’t have any say in this fantasy, I’m letting Cuban buy the Pirates after the Nuttings are removed. I have a stipulation, however… Cuban has to wear a shock collar. He gets any closer to the field than lower bowl concourse during a game and he gets hit with high voltage. I figure this will put an end to any notion that Cuban goes all “NBA on the umpires” like he’s done with the refs at Mavericks games. Come to think of it, this in-game entertainment might be more fun than the Sausage Races. I imagine that given time, Cuban couldn’t help himself and would take the volts rather than bite his tongue.

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