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How to Slice Up the Twins' Target Field Like a Cake PDF Print E-mail
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Ballpark Renderings
Written by Maury Brown   
Saturday, 13 March 2010 11:43
Target Field - Complete
Target Field opens this season (Click to see in larger view)

Ever wondered what it would be like to peel back the layers of a stadium like an onion? Well, here's what it would be like.

Through stadium architect, Populous, you can see below what the Twins' new stadium, Target Field, looks like from every level. Starting with the Main Level everything above it is removed in these renderings with each subsequent image adding another layer to the “cake”. In addition, there are two aerial views, plus the addition of roads and buildings that go with the project.

Select each of the images below to see in high resolution

Main Level
1 - Main Level (Lower bowl)
Club Level
2 - Club Level
Suite Level
3 - Suite Level
Upper Concourse
4 - Upper Concourse
Upper Deck
5 - Upper Deck
6 - Roof
aerial - center field view
Aerial - Center Field View
aerial - home plate view
Aerial - Home Plate View


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