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Why Twitter May Be the Greatest Thing Ever for Sports Fans PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Monday, 04 May 2009 11:26

Maury BrownI admit it. I have bought into the whole Twitter thing, hook, line, and sinker. What I thought might be a cutesy fad is a legit platform for getting info fast and passing info along.

For sports updates, I dare say that it’s getting close to Gutenberg’s printing press in terms of its impact.

Let’s put it this way...  If Mark Cuban had been the sole example of Twitter’s front office reach, I might have written the whole thing off as here today, gone tomorrow. But, when Roger Goodell, nearly every league, and for heaven sakes when, Joe Morgan gets on the bus, it’s time to take it pretty serious (you can double-take that again… Joe Morgan).

A handful of others to follow? Darren Rovell, Richard Justice, Eric Musselman, Brian McCarthy, SportsBusiness Daily and Journal, John Perrotto, Don Walker,Jayson Stark, Rob Neyer, Cole Hamels, Jamey Newberg, Scott Lauber, Jon Heyman, David Pinto, Big League Stew, MLB Trade Rumors, David Chalk, and my fav, Will Carroll

The best thing about Twitter has been that breaking news is often times interspersed with personal commentary. With a limit of 140 characters, you get news quick and concise.

So, here’s a plug… If you have a Twitter account, make sure and follow the Business of Sports Network through my profile BizballMaury. You never know what breaking news you may find there, or who I link to that’s doing likewise.

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