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A-Rod to Have Surgery and Could Be Out Until May PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Kyle Deering   
Thursday, 05 March 2009 13:31

Injury Report


MLB.com reported on Thursday night that A-Rod will not have surgery just yet. However, the hip injury is more serious than first thought. Not only does he have a cyst on his hip but he also has a torn labrum in his right hip. The surgery to repair this would keep him out for 4 months. The Yankees are going to try to treat the injury to delay the surgery until after the season. "I think we're collectively trying to figure out what's best to do for everybody involved," GM Brian Cashman said. "If surgery is what has to happen, that's what you have to do. If surgery is not something that has to happen at this point in time, then it's something that's manageable. We're all trying to be open-minded."

Some of the Yankee players were surprised when they heard the news of A-Rod's injury. They did not know anything was wrong with him. They said you could not tell it by watching him play during the team's spring games so far. "We saw it on the news when we were eating lunch," first baseman Mark Teixeira told MLB.com. "I think he's been swinging the bat great, looking great in Spring Training. We didn't really know anything was going on."


It has been reported on the Sporting News and MLB websites that Alex Rodriguez will be required to have surgery to remove the cyst that has formed on his hip. This procedure requires a 10 week rehabilitation stint which would put A-Rod missing the WBC and the first month of the regular season. All of this; however, is according to A-Rod's brother, Joe. Neither the Yankees nor WBC officials could confirm any of this information according to Sporting News. The Yankees said they would not give any information out yet. Joe Girardi spoke to MLB.com reporters regarding A-Rod's brother's comments and had this to say, "I do not have that information -- I have not heard that yet."

When more information is received and it becomes public and official, it will be updated in the "Injury Reports." Click on the previous link or find "Injury Reports" in the Main Menu on the left and scroll down to find this article. Updates will be added to the top of the article when they are received and become public.

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