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Live Baseball Comes to Televison Today Via Caribbean World Series Print
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Written by Maury Brown   
Monday, 02 February 2009 15:05

MLB NetworkBelieve it or not, live baseball will be coming to television today as the Caribbean World Series gets underway. Twelve games can be seen on MLB Network, the first live games to be broadcast on the fledgling all-baseball channel. The games, being played in Mexicali, Mexico, run from today (Feb2) through Feb. 7th.  

Gary Fraley of The Sporting News has several key storylines to watch in the CWS, including free agent Ivan Rodriguez, who is batting 3rd and catching for Ponce (Puerto Rico). Another story is rigthhander Javier Vazquez who went 2-0 with a 0.75 ERA for 12 innings during two starts for Ponce in the championship round. Vazquez was recently acquired by the Braves.

Below is the entire broadcast schedule, along with announcers for the Caribbean World Series on MLB Network.

Caribbean World Series on MLB Network: Schedule and Announcing Teams (all times ET):

Mon., 2/2, 5:00pmVenezuela vs. Dominican RepublicMota & Rojas
Mon., 2/2, 10:00pmPuerto Rico vs. MexicoMcCarthy & Berenguer
Tue., 2/3, 5:00pmDominican Republic vs. Puerto RicoMota & Rojas
Tue., 2/3, 9:00pmMexico vs. VenezuelaMcCarthy & Berenguer
Wed., 2/4, 5:00pmVenezuela vs. Puerto RicoMota & Rojas
Wed., 2/4, 9:00pmMexico vs. Dominican RepublicBerenguer & Plesac
Thu., 2/5, 5:00pmDominican Republic vs. VenezuelaMota & Rojas
Thu., 2/5, 9:00pmMexico vs. Puerto RicoMcCarthy & Berenguer
Fri., 2/6, 5:00pmPuerto Rico vs. Dominican RepublicMota & Rojas
Fri., 2/6, 9:00pmVenezuela vs. MexicoMcCarthy & Berenguer
Sat., 2/7, 5:00pmPuerto Rico vs. VenezuelaMota & Rojas
Sat., 2/7, 9:00pmDominican Republic vs. MexicoBerenguer & Plesac

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