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User Rating: / 8
Written by Maury Brown   
Friday, 11 July 2008 13:48
MLB.com At BatOnce the bugs started to be worked out of the system at Apple, Inc. today, users were able to gain access to Version 2.0 of the new operating system for both existing iPhones, and the new 3G product line launched today. With that. Apple has added new features, including the App Store where third party developers have placed a multitude of new applications for the smartphone within purchasing reach.

One of the more highly touted apps that has been added to the listing is MLB.com’s “At Bat” application. At $4.99 it is a decent buy, and something all diehard baseball fans with the technology at hand should check out.

For those that are subscribed to MLB Extra Innings, the interface is somewhat similar to the scoreboard menu displayed on screen for games within the premium service package. The main menu gives game scores on a given day (the current day, plus one day trailing and the next day’s listing can be scrolled through), or if a game has not yet started, the first pitch time. Touch a game match-up and the traditional inning-by-inning breakdown of runs, hits and errors is displayed, who's at bat, who's pitching, and where on the diamond runners are (see the image provided above) If the game has ended, the winning team’s logo is displayed, along with Winning, Losing, and if applicable, Save pitchers.

Select the “Globe” icon in the lower right, and iPhone’s Safari browser is launched taking you to the game wrap and boxscore in MLB.com’s WAP version.

At Bat - Video Screen But, what is truly hip is the near real time video highlights (select the image to the right to see a larger view).

Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB Advanced Media mentioned in his interview with us that this technology was coming soon, and now its here.

Select the “arrow” icon on the main menu for a game gives you a series of game highlights that are accessed through the iPhone YouTube widget. For those on the go, this may be where you get the biggest bang for your $4.99. MLBAM is safe in knowing that the highlights (so far) can’t be distributed, as would be the case through YouTube’s website, and fans get access to video highlights.

All in all, hardcore fans will want to go and get the app right away. Others may say that all but the video can be accessed through MLB.com’s website, and that’s true. But, the slick interface, and fast load times should be seen as a plus compared to surfing MLB.com with your iPhone.

We give MLB.com’s “At Bat” application a thumbs up.



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