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Clemens Adds Emotional Distress to Defamation Lawsuit PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 03:35
Clemens and McNamee

Roger Clemens has filed an addition to his defamation lawsuit against former trainer Brian McNamee, claiming emotional distress.

Clemens, the former Astros pitcher who most recently pitched just under half a season with the New York Yankees, added to the lawsuit while also addressing a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. As reported by the Houston Chronicle:

McNamee, Clemens' chief accuser of steroid and growth hormone abuse, has asked U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison to dismiss Clemens' suit because the Texas court does not have jurisdiction over the New York man, Houston is not the proper venue for this case and because he had immunity in a federal criminal investigation for the statements.

Joe Roden, a Clemens attorney who works with Rusty Hardin, said they added to the suit because "that's what McNamee has done, he has intentionally taken a shot at Roger Clemens. Every good lawyer will tell you, you bring every claim covered by the facts.''


"It's only fair McNamee should have to defend himself in Texas,'' said Roden. "His conduct intentionally harmed Roger Clemens in this state and he should face a Texas jury.''

The report continues to say that the new Clemens filing seeks to address having the case heard in a Texas court because McNamee traveled to Clemens home more than 39 times to help him train, as well as former Astros pitcher, Andy Pettitte. The suit continues to claim that McNamee defamed Clemens to Pettitte in Texas by telling him Clemens used steroids and other PEDs.

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