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Affidavit of Andy Pettitte PDF Print E-mail
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Mitchell Report
Written by Andy Pettitte   
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 22:44


Mitchell Hearings




I, ANDY PETTITTE, do depose and state:

1. In 1999 or 20OO, I had a conversation \Mith Roger Clemens in which Roger told me tllat he had taken human growth hormone ("HGH"). This conversation occurred at his grm in Memorial, Texas. He did not tell me where he got the HGH or from whom, but he did tell me that it helped tJle body recover.

2. I told my wife, Laura, about the conversation \Mith Roger
soon after it happened.

3. Shortly after my conversation \Mith Roger, I spoke with Brian McNamee. Only he and I were parties to the conversation. I asked Brian about HGH and told him that Roger said he had used it. Brian McNamee became angry. He told me that Roger should not have told me about his HGH use because it was supposed to be confidential. While I don't remember if Brian told me that he supplied Roger with HGH, it certainly was my impression from the conversation that he did.

4. In 2OO5, around the time of tJ:e Congressional hearings into the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball, I had a conversation with Roger Clemens in Kissimmee, Florida. I asked him what he would say if asked by reporters if he ever used performance enhancing drugs. When he asked me what I meant, I reminded him that he had told me that he used HGH.

5. Roger responded by telling me that I must have misunderstood him; he claimed that he told me that it was his wife, Debbie, who used HGH.

6. I said, "Oh, okay," or words to that effect, not because I agreed, but because I wasn't going to argue with him.

7. Shortly after, I told my wife, Laura, about this second conversation witJ Roger about HGH and his comment about his wife.

8. Regarding my owrl use of HGH, as I have admitted publicly, used it for two days in 2OO2 to attempt to recover from an elbow injury. also have told the committee's attorneys, and I restate it here, that in 2OO4, when I tore the flexor tendon in my pitching arrtr., I again used HGH two times in one day out of frustration and in a futile attempt to recover. Unfortunately, I needed surgery on the arm later in the year. I regret these lapses in judgment.

I declare under the penalty of perjury that the forgoing is true and correct. Executed on February 8, 2OO8.

 Read Andy Pettitte's Affidavit here in PDF



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