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Free Agent Tracker - 2008 FAs PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Tuesday, 13 November 2007 04:30
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Free Agent Tracker
2008 FAs
2007 FAs
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2008 Off-Season

Updated 8/30/09

Year Player Age Status Old Team New Team Years Dollars Rank
2008 David Aardsma, RP 27 Free Agent -- --

2008 Reggie Abercrombie, LF 28 Signed Houston Houston
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Bobby Abreu, RF 35 Signed NY Yankees LA Angels 1 $5,000,000 14
2008 Jeremy Affeldt, RP 30 Signed (B) Cincinnati San Francisco 2 $8,000,000 15
2008 Moises Alou, LF 43 Free Agent (B) NY Mets --

2008 Mario Alvarez, SP 25 Signed LA Dodgers LA Dodgers
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Garret Anderson, LF 37 Signed LA Angels Atlanta 1 $2,500,000 55
2008 Tony Armas, SP 31 Signed NY Mets NY Mets
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Rich Aurilia, 1B 37 Signed San Francisco San Francisco
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Brad Ausmus, C 40 Signed Houston LA Dodgers 1 $1,000,000 NR
2008 Luis Ayala, RP 31 Signed NY Mets Minnesota 1 $1,300,000 98
2008 Paul Bako, C 37 Signed Cincinnati Chicago Cubs 1 $725,000 NR
2008 Rocco Baldelli, RF 27 Signed Tampa Bay Boston 1 $500,000 83
2008 John Bale, RP 35 Signed Kansas City Kansas City 1 $1,200,000 NR
2008 Denny Bautista, RP 29 Signed Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Joe Beimel, RP 32 Signed LA Dodgers Washington 1 $2,000,000 72
2008 Matt Belisle, RP 29 Signed Cincinnati Colorado
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Gary Bennett, C 37 Free Agent LA Dodgers --

2008 Angel Berroa, SS 31 Signed LA Dodgers NY Yankees
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Casey Blake, 3B 36 Signed LA Dodgers LA Dodgers 3 $17,500,000 31
2008 Henry Blanco, C 38 Signed Chicago Cubs San Diego 1 $750,000 NR
2008 Willie Bloomquist, RF 31 Signed Seattle Kansas City 2 $3,100,000 NR
2008 Aaron Boone, 3B 36 Signed Washington Houston 1 $750,000 NR
2008 Milton Bradley, RF 31 Signed (B) Texas Chicago Cubs 3 $30,000,000 9
2008 Russell Branyan, 1B 33 Signed Milwaukee Seattle 1 $1,400,000 84
2008 Yhency Brazoban, RP 28 Signed LA Dodgers LA Dodgers
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Chris Britton, RP 26 Signed NY Yankees San Diego
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Doug Brocail, RP 42 Signed Houston Houston 1 $2,750,000 93
2008 Emil Brown, RF 34 Signed Oakland San Diego
Minor Lg. 85
2008 Ambiorix Burgos, RP 25 Free Agent NY Mets --

2008 Chris Burke, SS 29 Signed Arizona San Diego
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Jamie Burke, C 37 Signed Seattle Seattle
Minor Lg. NR
2008 A.J. Burnett, SP 32 Signed (A) Toronto NY Yankees 5 $82,500,000 4
2008 Pat Burrell, DH 32 Signed Philadelphia Tampa Bay 2 $16,000,000 11
2008 Paul Byrd, SP 38 Free Agent (B) Boston --

2008 Daniel Cabrera, SP 28 Signed Baltimore Washington 1 $2,600,000 NR
2008 Orlando Cabrera, SS 34 Signed (A) Chicago Sox Oakland 1 $4,000,000 21
2008 Miguel Cairo, 2B 35 Signed Seattle Philadelphia
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Chris Capuano, SP 31 Signed Milwaukee Milwaukee
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Sean Casey, 1B 35 Retired Boston --

2008 Kevin Cash, C 31 Signed Boston NY Yankees
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Juan Castro, SS 37 Signed Baltimore LA Dodgers
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Justin Christian, LF 29 Signed NY Yankees Baltimore
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Alex Cintron, SS 30 Signed Baltimore Washington
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Tony Clark, 1B 37 Signed Arizona Arizona 1 $800,000 NR
2008 Bartolo Colon, SP 36 Signed Boston Chicago Sox 1 $1,000,000 NR
2008 Alex Cora, SS 33 Signed Boston NY Mets 1 $2,000,000 99
2008 Lance Cormier, RP 29 Signed Baltimore Tampa Bay 1 $675,000 NR
2008 Craig Counsell, 2B 39 Signed Milwaukee Milwaukee 1 $1,000,000 81
2008 Joe Crede, 3B 31 Signed Chicago Sox Minnesota 1 $2,500,000 34
2008 Juan Cruz, RP 30 Signed (A) Arizona Kansas City 2 $6,000,000 16
2008 Jairo Cuevas, SP 25 Free Agent Kansas City --

2008 Ryan Dempster, SP 32 Signed Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs 4 $52,000,000 8
2008 Elmer Dessens, RP 38 Signed Atlanta NY Mets
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Brendan Donnelly, RP 38 Signed Cleveland Texas
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Adam Dunn, LF 29 Signed Arizona Washington 2 $20,000,000 7
2008 Ray Durham, 2B 37 Free Agent Milwaukee --

2008 Damion Easley, 2B 39 Free Agent NY Mets --

2008 David Eckstein, 2B 34 Signed Arizona San Diego 1 $850,000 82
2008 Jim Edmonds, CF 39 Free Agent Chicago Cubs --

2008 Scott Elarton, SP 33 Free Agent Cleveland --

2008 Alan Embree, RP 39 Signed Oakland Colorado 1 $2,250,000 91
2008 Adam Everett, SS 32 Signed Minnesota Detroit 1 $1,000,000 95
2008 Kyle Farnsworth, RP 33 Signed Detroit Kansas City 2 $9,250,000 71
2008 Sal Fasano, C 38 Signed Cleveland Colorado
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Randy Flores, RP 34 Signed St. Louis Colorado
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Cliff Floyd, LF 36 Signed Tampa Bay San Diego 1 $750,000 78
2008 Josh Fogg, RP 32 Signed Cincinnati Colorado
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Casey Fossum, RP 31 Signed Detroit NY Mets
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Keith Foulke, RP 36 Free Agent Oakland --

2008 Chad Fox, RP 38 Signed Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Brian Fuentes, RP 34 Signed (A) Colorado LA Angels 2 $17,500,000 19
2008 Rafael Furcal, SS 31 Signed LA Dodgers LA Dodgers 3 $30,000,000 6
2008 Eric Gagne, RP 33 Signed Milwaukee Milwaukee
Minor Lg. 61
2008 Freddy Garcia, SP 33 Signed Detroit NY Mets
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Nomar Garciaparra, 1B 36 Signed LA Dodgers Oakland 1 $1,000,000 76
2008 Jon Garland, SP 29 Signed (B) LA Angels Arizona 1 $7,250,000 36
2008 Joey Gathright, CF 28 Signed Kansas City Chicago Cubs 1 $800,000 NR
2008 Jason Giambi, 1B 38 Signed NY Yankees Oakland 1 $5,250,000 28
2008 Tom Glavine, SP 43 Signed Atlanta Atlanta 1 $1,000,000 NR
2008 Jonny Gomes, LF 28 Signed Tampa Bay Cincinnati
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Chris Gomez, 3B 38 Signed Pittsburgh Baltimore
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Luis Gonzalez, LF 41 Free Agent (B) Florida --

2008 Tom Gordon, RP 41 Signed Philadelphia Arizona 1 $500,000 NR
2008 Ken Griffey Jr., DH 39 Signed Chicago Sox Seattle 1 $2,000,000 37
2008 Mark Grudzielanek, 2B 39 Free Agent (B) Kansas City --

2008 Eddie Guardado, RP 38 Signed Minnesota Texas
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Charlie Haeger, SP 25 Signed San Diego LA Dodgers
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B 33 Signed Cincinnati Cincinnati 1 $2,000,000 86
2008 Toby Hall, C 33 Signed Chicago Sox Houston
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Robby Hammock, C 32 Signed Arizona Baltimore
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Mike Hampton, SP 36 Signed Atlanta Houston 1 $2,000,000 45
2008 Mark Hendrickson, RP 35 Signed Florida Baltimore 1 $1,500,000 89
2008 Clay Hensley, RP 29 Signed San Diego Houston
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Matt Herges, RP 39 Signed Colorado Cleveland
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Livan Hernandez, SP 34 Signed Colorado NY Mets
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Orlando Hernandez, SP 39 Free Agent NY Mets --

2008 Jon Herrera, 2B 24 Signed Colorado Colorado
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Eric Hinske, RF 32 Signed Tampa Bay Pittsburgh 1 $1,500,000 54
2008 Trevor Hoffman, RP 41 Signed San Diego Milwaukee 1 $6,000,000 73
2008 Norris Hopper, LF 30 Signed Cincinnati Cincinnati 1 $402,500 NR
2008 Bob Howry, RP 36 Signed Chicago Cubs San Francisco 1 $2,750,000 94
2008 Orlando Hudson, 2B 31 Signed (A) Arizona LA Dodgers 1 $3,800,000 12
2008 Raul Ibanez, LF 37 Signed (A) Seattle Philadelphia 3 $31,500,000 33
2008 Jason Isringhausen, RP 36 Signed St. Louis Tampa Bay
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Cesar Izturis, SS 29 Signed St. Louis Baltimore 2 $5,000,000 79
2008 Chuck James, SP 27 Free Agent Atlanta --

2008 Jason Jennings, RP 31 Signed Texas Texas
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Jason Johnson, SP 35 Signed LA Dodgers NY Yankees
Minor Lg. 69
2008 Randy Johnson, SP 45 Signed Arizona San Francisco 1 $8,000,000 18
2008 Tyler Johnson, RP 28 Signed St. Louis Seattle
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Jacque Jones, LF 34 Signed Florida Cincinnati
Minor Lg. 100
2008 Todd Jones, RP 41 Retired Detroit --

2008 Jorge Julio, RP 30 Signed Atlanta Milwaukee 1 $950,000 NR
2008 Gabe Kapler, RF 34 Signed Milwaukee Tampa Bay 1 $1,000,000 35
2008 Kenshin Kawakami, SP 34 Signed Japan Atlanta 3 $23,000,000 NR
2008 Jeff Kent, 2B 41 Retired LA Dodgers --

2008 Mark Kotsay, 1B 33 Signed Boston Boston 1 $1,500,000 63
2008 Mike Lamb, 3B 34 Signed Milwaukee Milwaukee 1 $400,000 NR
2008 Jason LaRue, C 35 Signed St. Louis St. Louis 1 $950,000 NR
2008 Wil Ledezma, RP 28 Signed Arizona Washington
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Jon Lieber, RP 39 Free Agent Chicago Cubs --

2008 Mike Lincoln, RP 34 Signed Cincinnati Cincinnati 2 $4,000,000 NR
2008 Paul Lo Duca, C 37 Free Agent (B) Florida --

2008 Braden Looper, SP 34 Signed St. Louis Milwaukee 1 $5,500,000 43
2008 Aquilino Lopez, RP 34 Free Agent Detroit --

2008 Felipe Lopez, 2B 29 Signed St. Louis Arizona 1 $3,500,000 27
2008 Mark Loretta, 2B 38 Signed Houston LA Dodgers 1 $1,250,000 74
2008 Derek Lowe, SP 36 Signed (A) LA Dodgers Atlanta 4 $60,000,000 5
2008 Brandon Lyon, RP 30 Signed (B) Arizona Detroit 1 $4,250,000 20
2008 Greg Maddux, SP 43 Retired LA Dodgers --

2008 Gary Majewski, RP 29 Signed Cincinnati Philadelphia
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Damaso Marte, RP 34 Signed NY Yankees NY Yankees 3 $12,000,000 NR
2008 Pedro Martinez, SP 37 Free Agent NY Mets --

2008 Ramon Martinez, SS 36 Signed NY Mets NY Mets
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Scott Mathieson, SP 25 Signed Philadelphia Philadelphia
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Doug Mathis, SP 26 Signed Texas Texas
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Adam Melhuse, C 37 Signed Colorado Texas
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Kent Mercker, RP 41 Retired Cincinnati --

2008 Jason Michaels, LF 33 Signed Pittsburgh Houston 1 $750,000 NR
2008 Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B 35 Signed Pittsburgh LA Dodgers
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Aaron Miles, 2B 32 Signed St. Louis Chicago Cubs 2 $4,900,000 NR
2008 Kevin Millar, 1B 37 Signed Baltimore Toronto
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Trever Miller, RP 36 Signed Tampa Bay St. Louis 1 $500,000 66
2008 Chad Moeller, C 34 Signed NY Yankees Baltimore
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Guillermo Mota, RP 36 Signed Milwaukee LA Dodgers 1 $2,350,000 96
2008 Jamie Moyer, SP 46 Signed Philadelphia Philadelphia 2 $13,000,000 47
2008 Mark Mulder, SP 32 Free Agent St. Louis --

2008 Mike Mussina, SP 40 Retired NY Yankees --

2008 Joe Nelson, RP 34 Signed Florida Tampa Bay 1 $1,300,000 NR
2008 Trot Nixon, RF 35 Signed NY Mets Milwaukee
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Greg Norton, LF 37 Signed Atlanta Atlanta 1 $800,000 NR
2008 Will Ohman, RP 32 Signed Atlanta LA Dodgers
Minor Lg. 51
2008 Darren Oliver, RP 38 Signed LA Angels LA Angels 1 $3,655,000 56
2008 Chan Ho Park, RP 36 Signed LA Dodgers Philadelphia 1 $2,500,000 59
2008 John Parrish, SP 31 Signed Toronto Baltimore
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Corey Patterson, OF 30 Signed Cincinnati Washington
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Carl Pavano, SP 33 Signed NY Yankees Cleveland 1 $1,500,000 64
2008 Jay Payton, LF 36 Free Agent Baltimore --

2008 Brad Penny, SP 31 Signed LA Dodgers Boston 1 $5,000,000 48
2008 Odalis Perez, SP 32 Signed Washington Washington
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Oliver Perez, SP 28 Signed NY Mets NY Mets 3 $36,000,000 10
2008 Andy Pettitte, SP 37 Signed NY Yankees NY Yankees 1 $5,500,000 26
2008 Scott Podsednik, LF 33 Signed Colorado Colorado
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Sidney Ponson, SP 32 Signed NY Yankees Kansas City
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Mark Prior, SP 28 Signed San Diego San Diego
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Scott Proctor, RP 32 Signed LA Dodgers Florida 1 $750,000 NR
2008 Nick Punto, SS 31 Signed Minnesota Minnesota 2 $8,500,000 60
2008 Horacio Ramirez, SP 29 Signed Chicago Sox Kansas City 1 $1,800,000 NR
2008 Manny Ramirez, LF 37 Signed LA Dodgers LA Dodgers 2 $45,000,000 3
2008 Tim Redding, SP 31 Signed Washington NY Mets 1 $2,250,000 NR
2008 Edgar Renteria, SS 34 Signed Detroit San Francisco 2 $18,500,000 30
2008 Argenis Reyes, 2B 26 Signed NY Mets NY Mets
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Dennys Reyes, RP 32 Signed (B) Minnesota St. Louis 2 $3,000,000 62
2008 Arthur Rhodes, RP 39 Signed Florida Cincinnati 2 $4,000,000 NR
2008 Juan Rincon, RP 30 Signed Cleveland Detroit
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Ricardo Rincon, RP 39 Free Agent NY Mets --

2008 Luis Rivas, SS 29 Signed Pittsburgh Chicago Cubs
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Juan Rivera, LF 31 Signed LA Angels LA Angels 3 $12,750,000 40
2008 Francisco Rodriguez, RP 27 Signed (A) LA Angels NY Mets 3 $37,000,000 17
2008 Ivan Rodriguez, C 37 Signed NY Yankees Houston 1 $1,500,000 46
2008 Kenny Rogers, SP 44 Free Agent Detroit --

2008 David Ross, C 32 Signed Boston Atlanta 2 $3,000,000 53
2008 Glendon Rusch, RP 34 Signed Colorado Colorado
Minor Lg. NR
2008 CC Sabathia, SP 29 Signed (A) Milwaukee NY Yankees 7 $161,000,000 2
2008 Takashi Saito, RP 39 Signed LA Dodgers Boston 1 $1,500,000 NR
2008 Jeff Salazar, CF 28 Signed Arizona Pittsburgh
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Curt Schilling, SP 42 Retired Boston --

2008 Rudy Seanez, RP 40 Free Agent Philadelphia --

2008 Ben Sheets, SP 31 Free Agent (A) Milwaukee --

2008 Brian Shouse, RP 40 Signed (B) Milwaukee Tampa Bay 1 $1,550,000 65
2008 Jason Smith, 2B 32 Signed Kansas City Houston
Minor Lg. NR
2008 John Smoltz, SP 42 Signed Atlanta Boston 1 $5,500,000 52
2008 Russ Springer, RP 40 Signed St. Louis Oakland 1 $3,300,000 68
2008 Mike Sweeney, DH 36 Signed Oakland Seattle
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Julian Tavarez, RP 36 Signed Atlanta Washington
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Willy Taveras, CF 27 Signed Colorado Cincinnati 2 $6,250,000 NR
2008 Mark Teixeira, 1B 29 Signed (A) LA Angels NY Yankees 8 $180,000,000 1
2008 Frank Thomas, DH 41 Free Agent (B) Oakland --

2008 Mike Timlin, RP 43 Free Agent Boston --

2008 Koji Uehara, SP 34 Signed Japan Baltimore 2 $10,000,000 NR
2008 Juan Uribe, 3B 30 Signed Chicago Sox San Francisco
Minor Lg. 70
2008 Javier Valentin, C 33 Signed Cincinnati Washington
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Jason Varitek, C 37 Signed Boston Boston 1 $5,000,000 49
2008 Ramon Vazquez, SS 33 Signed Texas Pittsburgh 2 $4,000,000 50
2008 Ron Villone, RP 39 Signed St. Louis NY Mets
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Omar Vizquel, SS 42 Signed San Francisco Texas
Minor Lg. 80
2008 Daryle Ward, 1B 34 Signed Chicago Cubs Cincinnati
Minor Lg. 92
2008 David Weathers, RP 39 Signed Cincinnati Cincinnati 1 $3,900,000 41
2008 Ty Wigginton, 3B 31 Signed Houston Baltimore 2 $6,000,000 NR
2008 Brad Wilkerson, RF 32 Signed Toronto Boston
Minor Lg. 87
2008 Vance Wilson, C 36 Signed Detroit Kansas City
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Matt Wise, RP 33 Retired NY Mets --

2008 Randy Wolf, SP 33 Signed Houston LA Dodgers 1 $5,000,000 24
2008 Kerry Wood, RP 32 Signed Chicago Cubs Cleveland 2 $20,500,000 13
2008 Jamey Wright, RP 34 Signed Texas Kansas City
Minor Lg. NR
2008 Gregg Zaun, C 38 Signed Toronto Baltimore 1 $1,500,000 39




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