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Written by Andrew Zimbalist   
Saturday, 02 September 2006 05:57

Buy this book on Amazon.comMay The Best Team Win:

Baseball economics and public policy

By Andrew Zimbalist
Review by Don Coffin

Andrew Zimbalist (Professor of Economics, Smith College) has written a compelling, accessible introduction to the economic issues surrounding the current state of major league baseball. He builds on the large body of theoretical and empirical work on the economics of professional sports. The book has a definite point of view--that major league baseball suffers from serious management failures, both at the individual-team level and in the corporate structure of the commissioner's office. Zimbalist reviews briefly but with sufficient depth the issues of baseball's antitrust exemption, competitive balance, profitability, stadium building, and labor relations. He closes with policy suggestions that will be controversial for some readers. Zimbalist's approach presumes that team owners are profit motivated, a position some readers may find difficult to accept. The book will be valuable to those interested in the economic issues of professional sports, more than to scholars working in the economics of sports, who will regret the lack of a separate bibliography of theoretical materials.

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