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Written by Charles P. Korr   
Saturday, 02 September 2006 05:45

The End of Baseball as We Knew It

 The end of baseball as we knew it: the players union, 1960-81 

By Charles P. Korr
Review by Don Coffin

Charles Korr (Professor of History, Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis) has written a concise, informative history of the Major League Baseball Players Association, focusing on the years when the MLBPA cohered as a union and achieved the successes that transformed labor relations in professional sports in the US. The author challenges, for the most part successfully, three "widely held assumptions" about the MLBPA: "that the success of the union was inevitable, that it had a well-defined master plan, and that it was [Marvin] Miller's union." But even though Korr's unlimited access to MLBPA files allowed him to provide some heretofore unpublished background information, students of sports labor relations will be familiar with much of this story. For those coming to this story for the first time, Korr's account is the most complete currently available, although the writing style is pedestrian and uninspired.

Republished by permission



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