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BALCO Chemist Claims Bonds & Sheffield Used Steroids PDF Print E-mail
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Written by The Staff   
Tuesday, 24 July 2007 17:10

MLBA former chemist for the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) claims that both Barry Bonds and Gary Sheffield knowingly used "the clear" while on what was deemed "the program" by BALCO.

Patrick Arnold, the former chemist at BALCO credited for creating "the clear" — a non-detectable anabolic steroid. He pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute steroids in 2006 and made the comments on HBO's "Costas Now" about the two. As reported by the NY Times:

When asked by Costas if “the program” included steroids, Arnold said: “I have a very strong feeling about it since he was on the program. And like everyone else, the program consisted of the clear.”

Patrick didn't agree with the notion that Bonds unknowingly took the clear, thinking it was flaxseed oil 

He added: “I guess it’s possible that Barry had never tasted flaxseed oil and said, ‘Well, I guess this is flaxseed oil.’ But it’s pretty hard to believe.”

When asked about Sheffield’s recent statement that he never took steroids because “they are something you shoot in your butt,” Arnold said: “That’s an ignorant statement. That’s some sort of weird rationalization. No, he took steroids. This is a bona fide anabolic steroid.”

With Bonds only three home runs shy of breaking the all-time home run record, Patrick stated that he felt he had an odd connection to Bonds' performance and planned to watch the game in which he breaks the record.



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