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Written by Maury Brown   
Wednesday, 27 June 2007 05:16

MLBWhat if the World Series were somewhat like the Super Bowl?

What if the World Series were a best of 9 series, with two games at a site-neutral location, with all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the NFL’s crown jewel?

Sound crazy? Well, that’s what super agent Scott Boras has suggested to Bud Selig, and get this… Bud’s listening.

The concept is borne out of the lackluster television ratings the past few years when teams that don’t garner high interest nationally (read: not the Yankees or Red Sox) are in the Fall Classic. The idea would be to maximize the event — not the teams within it — much as the NFL has been leveraging to the hilt with the Super Bowl. As reported by Bergen Record:

"Corporate America can't embrace [the World Series]; they don't know where the games are being played," Boras said by telephone recently. "People can't say, 'I'll see you at the World Series.' This way, we have a plan for it."

Under Boras' revamping – explained in a letter sent to MLB's headquarters – Game 1 would be played on a Saturday in a warm-weather city, where there's a low probability of rain or even snow. The night before, he said, would be like "the Oscars" where players from both teams would be introduced and feted before a national TV audience. But the event wouldn't be just for pennant winners; everyone would be there, including the game's biggest stars, along with the networks and the advertisers.

"There'd be interaction between players and management, the interaction between players and corporations would increase, the boundaries would be removed," Boras said. "The Super Bowl does that, although it's a terrible event."

While fans may undoubtedly be wondering if the World Series will wind up stretching to near Thanksgiving, and the idea of a best of 9 series ranks up there with heresy for purists, Boras was quick to remind them that in 1903, the World Series was a best of 9 series.

One might consider that clubs such as San Diego, Phoenix, and Los Angeles would be in favor of the site-neutral concept, while other locations where snow is a very real possibility in November might scoff of the concept given the diminishing odds of an open-air stadium hosting the two games.

File this all under “out of the box”. And with that, “out of the box” seems very unMLB-like.

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