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Owners Ratify Drug Agreement. Maple Bats Next? PDF Print E-mail
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MLB News
Written by Maury Brown   
Friday, 16 May 2008 03:57

MLBAs reported yesterday, the MLB’s 30 owners ratified the changes to the Joint Drug Agreement. It is expected that the players will ratify the agreement as well, thus fully memorializing the agreement and putting it in place.

But, that wasn’t the only topic covered yesterday.

As we reported, Commissioner Selig mentioned that those in management positions within MLB that were called out in the Mitchell Report for acting unduly have been, or will be disciplined. In related news, Peter Magowan managing general partner of the San Francisco Giants is stepping down today.

The other question revolved around the use of maple bats which have a tendency to break more easily than the traditional ash bats, and pose more of a safety risk. As reported by The AP:

Selig said the executive council discussed players’ use of bats made from maple wood, which seem to be shattering more frequently—and in a more dangerous fashion—than those made of ash.

Selig said the discussion was “very premature,” and baseball officials plan to discuss the issue with the players’ association and the rules committee before taking any action.

Asked if baseball would consider regulating the thickness of maple bat handles or even ban them entirely, Selig said it was too early to say.

“I don’t want to get into any of that, because I’m not sure,” Selig said. “We’re working on a lot of things. But it’s been a source of concern for me.”

Other points of interest from the quarterly meetings:

  • On ticket sales: “We’re running ahead of last year, which was our all-time record,” Selig said. “And we’ve had really horrendous weather, I must say. Now, we say that every spring, but I really think, particularly in the Midwest, it’s been really difficult.”
  • On the Brewers signing Ryan Braun to a $45M/8 deal: “I think it’s a function of our economic system in some circumstances, yes. I do,” Selig said. “And there’s been quite a few of them and I think it’s productive. I’m sure clubs will continue that.”
  • On Tribune selling the Cubs, with Wrigley possibly being in or out of the deal: “I want to see what they do,” Selig said. “I think they’re coupled, but we’ve had a lot of stops and starts.”
  • Lastly, is the pace of games slow where you are? “We do have concerns on the pace of the game, and a lot of ideas,” Selig said.


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