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Audio Interview: Dale Murphy on I Won't Cheat Foundation PDF Print E-mail
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Sports Business Radio
Written by The Staff   
Tuesday, 13 February 2007 01:10

Dale MurphyThe Biz of Baseball is pleased to announce an audio interview with former Atlanta Braves great Dale Murphy on his new foundation, (www.IWon'tCheat.com). The interview is courtesy of Sports Business Radio.

On why he started the I Won't Cheat Foundation:


"We want to help the next generation address the challenges and the temptations of getting involved with performance enhancing drugs, and also we want to get across to them not only the side effects and all that goes into it, but also just the fact that there’s just a right way and a wrong way of being involved in athletics and this is the wrong way; it is cheating and you’re going to pay a heavy price for it.  I think that we know the challenges, the temptations are there and a lot of kids are trying it, still trying it and this is just another effort to help stem the tide."


On the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs when he was playing:


"Well, I think the steroid issue probably increased since I left, but I was part of an era, and I’ve said before, we didn’t do a very good job of being diligent and protecting the integrity of our sport and the health of our players.  Everybody in the industry kind of said; well it looks like something’s going on there and we kind of just didn’t address the issue and then yes, it exploded.  It was more out in the open from what I understand during the 50’s and 60’s, maybe early 70’s, but you never really saw, out in the open, guys using amphetamines and things like that, unless you were using them.  You could have seen it, but I never saw it, certainly to deny that it was there though would not be an honest assessment on my part.  Just because I didn’t see anyone take steroids or amphetamines, you know obviously it was going on; it’s going on still, maybe its getting better but we’ve got to attack it."


On the current drug policies of Major League Baseball not being strict enough: 


"You look at the World Doping Association, and they look at us as like, 'well that’s a good start, but it’s not much of a deterrent'.  You need penalties that are so strict that it will deter someone from trying it.  They’re still trying it; you mentioned some talk of human growth hormones and not being able to test for that.  So that’s why, I guess to get back to the name of the foundation, it is to talk to the kids about ethics, about hard work, about doing things the right way, because as scary as it is to think about, kids could take human growth hormones and we wouldn’t be able to test.  In fact, my partners that have helped me out so much on this project, whenever someone says to us; ‘hey I’ve never failed a drug test,’ it doesn’t mean anything to us anymore, because guys are passing them.  We need guys to stand up and say I’m not going to do it, I’ll get tested whenever you want to, and I’m not doing it because it’s wrong and we need a new generation that will do that, because to look at someone and say to them; ‘I’ve never failed a steroid test,’ to me that doesn’t mean anything anymore."

Select the link below to listen:

Sports Business Radio

Sports Business Radio Interview with Dale Murphy (MP3)

(Audio courtesy of Sports Business Radio)

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