MLB Salary Arbitration

As defined within the current CBA

(12) Criteria

(a) The criteria will be the quality of the Player’s contribution
to his Club during the past season (including but not limited to his
overall performance, special qualities of leadership and public
appeal), the length and consistency of his career contribution, the
record of the Player’s past compensation, comparative baseball
salaries (see paragraph (13) below for confidential salary data),
the existence of any physical or mental defects on the part of the
Player, and the recent performance record of the Club including
but not limited to its League standing and attendance as an indication
of public acceptance (subject to the exclusion stated in
subparagraph (b)(i) below). Any evidence may be submitted
which is relevant to the above criteria, and the arbitration panel
shall assign such weight to the evidence as shall appear appropriate
under the circumstances. The arbitration panel shall,
except for a Player with five or more years of Major League service,
give particular attention, for comparative salary purposes, to
the contracts of Players with Major League service not exceeding
one annual service group above the Player’s annual service
group. This shall not limit the ability of a Player or his represen-
tative, because of special accomplishment, to argue the equal relevance
of salaries of Players without regard to service, and the
arbitration panel shall give whatever weight to such argument as
is deemed appropriate.

(b) Evidence of the following shall not be admissible:

(i) The financial position of the Player and the Club;

(ii) Press comments, testimonials or similar material bearing
on the performance of either the Player or the Club, except
that recognized annual Player awards for playing excellence
shall not be excluded;

(iii) Offers made by either Player or Club prior to arbitration;

(iv) The cost to the parties of their representatives, attorneys,

(v) Salaries in other sports or occupations.

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